I often have difficulty with contemporary art installations – which far too frequently border on epic wankerdom – but I utterly loved this one.

Quite simple: a giant tower of vhs tapes from the 80s and 90s. There was something rather poetic about this 12 foot high tower of magnetic tape, which held as much information as could fit on a single microchip by now.

I especially enjoyed reading the info on the spines – lots of Carry Ons, Dr Whos, and other assorted British TV shows I’ve never seen (that’s right: I’ve never seen an episode of Dr Who and I kind of feel like keeping it that way). The awkward, scribbly handwriting, Sabrina noted, was prototypic VHS spine script: unwisely written onto the tape after the sticker was affixed.

This collection – so like that of my parents (and everyone else’s parents) – brought me great joy.