Seeing as how everyone is posting about International Women’s Day, I’d like to point out that my mom is the fucking coolest, and will forever be my favourite woman.

In the 1970s my mother had her own clothing label in Toronto called From Rags to Bitches. Brilliant name. My mom is the one on the right.


She made those punk tops, shorts and skirts to last. As I write this, I have a load of those collared tops in my closet – they are still in excellent condition. These things are older than *I* am, and they still fit like a glove – and still look cool.


She’s also a brilliant writer and badass funny.

When she read the first draft of my book, she summed up three years of work in one sentence:

“Most fun things in life are bad for you – but nothing will kill you faster than having no fun at all.”

When I appeared on Canadian daytime ladies TV show The Social in 2015 I quoted that line – and #zoecormiersmom started trending on Twitter. No joke.

Love you to pieces Martha Harron, you irreplaceble you.