As some of you have observed, I keep my calendar in handwritten form. I actually draw the calendars by hand. Some think it eccentric – but I remember everything, everything, far better this way. When I use my hand to write things down, they go into my brain better than just chucking the info into a computer screen.

I tried using Google Calendars – honestly I tried, I thought it could be more efficient – but for the first time in my life I forgot dates and times. It was as though giving the information to the computer was subconsciously making my brain think “Righty-ho – no need to remember that now.” 

So I’ll stick to pen and paper thank you very much. Also, this way Teresa May, GCHQ, and – coming soon! – Overlord Trump can’t keep track of my future movements.

Anyhoo, I just lost six days of my life to a horrible virus that left me rolling in sweats and agony 23 hours a day, with an hour off for sleep.

So my handwritten calendar comes in handy for recording raw emotions, as well as dates. Can’t get that with a Google Calendar now can you?