When I was 13, there was a band from Toronto called Zoebliss. I can’t remember what their music sounded like, but it must have been mediocre or nondescript, as I can’t find anything online for you to peruse.

In any case. 

Regardless of the quality or style of their music, I bought a few merch shirts. Why the fuck wouldn’t you? If a band named <YOUR NAME> < TERM FOR JOY> existed, you too would be pleased as punch, and want to have some historical record of their existence.


Anyhoo. During my spring cleaning, I re-discovered the band’s logo, imprinted on cotton, stored away 20 years ago.

Featuring – oh yes, indeed – a goddamned alien.

(Sidenote: I can’t stop laughing, every time I look at it.)

I asked my friends on Facebook,

What should I do with this?

1. Frame it.
2. Weave into a slutty top.
3. Other?

Suggestions, please. This is for posterity. Be honest.

Suggestions included “a patchwork stitch onto a pillow”, “Just don’t have it made into a tattoo, please please please” (from my mother), and “appliqué it onto a black denim jacket or canvas bag”.

But the best suggestion of all: