I’m sure a lot of people will be holding tearful candlelit vigils and drowning their sorrows tomorrow if the overall decision is Leave.

I however think we shouldn’t mire in despair – we should channel those negative emotions into creative, rebellious fury. Burning Man style.

The Bleachers, the tallest art car at the festival, built by my exceedingly brilliant friends from Vancouver and New York. 

Let’s build a badass art car with a thundering soundsystem and take it on tour round the country to all the districts with the highest Leave percentage vote.

I’m up for getting a flatbed Mercedes truck, stacking it with a towering array of subwoofers, and blasting the angriest, darkest and loudest German techno, Scandanavian death metal and hardcore Greek punk. We’ll have a bar with the finest Polish vodka, Irish whiskey and Danish Akvavit. (No scnhapps or red wine or whatever – it needs to be firewater that charges you up with righteous passion.) And we’ll wear badass things like Italian mafioso threads, Kraut leather kink and vintage Polish resistance fighter jackets from WW2.

The election results will probably send us to Kent, Essex, Yorkshire, and (I hope) the home counties – wouldn’t it be fun to rattle their windowpanes with a brilliant, blazing, party.

Who’s in?