I’ve always found doing just one thing at a time difficult and boring. I always watched TV while doing homework in high school (neither activity was interesting enough on its own). I always listen to music when I write. I always listen to podcasts when I walk.

Latest combo: stand-up comedy for an hour a day while I practise ashtanga yoga. Yes, I know you’re supposed to focus on your breathing and count your inhalations and blah blah blah, but if people in gyms can watch television while running, I can listen to stuff that makes me laugh while doing uttihita chaturanga dandasana.

Anyways, Pete Johansson‘s show “I Am Very Funny” made me laugh so hard today that I fell over today while doing dancer’s pose.

Next up: Everything filthy and offensive by Doug Stanhope. Yep: I’m going to practice ancient meditative exercises that derive from Eastern Philosophic traditions whilst listening to a drunk libertarian prick rant about prostitution and drugs, because that’s how I roll.