So you’ve seen an academic give a lecture at Hay-On-Wye, or something? That’s nice. With Guerilla Science I worked with neuroscientists, architects and carpenters to build a giant maze in the middle of Shangri-La and fill it with giant rat scientists, conducting real olfactory experiments on the citizens of Glastonbury – in the middle of the Hell field.










Read more about Lab Rats in the wonderful blog post by my colleague Jenny Jopson here, perspectives from one of the actors here, a scientific paper written by our lovely rats here (*actually by superstar rat scientist Dr Edward Bracey), and check out all the photos here.

This was our second appearance at Glastonbury with Shangri La: In 2011 we took took the official “naughty corner” of Britain’s biggest festival by storm with microbiologists, psychiatrists, and a gigantic white Decontamination Chamber.


What can we say? We couldn’t help but come back for more. This year’s theme: Dante’s Inferno, and the entire field split into heaven and hell.



Where did they decide to site us? This is what the conversation in the production office must have sounded like:

“Hey Guerilla Science are coming back to Shangri La, where should we put them? In Heaven next to the gardens where it’s all white and peaceful and the toilets are cleaned every half hour?”

“Nah. What about right next to the Hell Stage? Next to a guy on a towering throne sticking a dildo wand into the crowd? You know, where all the pyrotechnics, dubstep and drag queen wax parlours are.”


Result: Lab Rats, right next to the Hell Stage.