I wrote this five years ago, and although much of it remains true, I feel it’s time to give the Facebook “about me” a bit of a makeover. For now, I’m leaving my “about me” as just “English people make me laugh”.

Though I have kept my religious beliefs the same: “1. Animals are cool. 2. Turn up the bass.”

For posterity, here is an old essay I wrote about my lame self, penned in 2007, probably late at night with a bottle of wine and an inflated sense of self importance.

According to “The Birthday Book” I was born on “The Day of the Storyteller,” which is pretty accurate. I’m a freelance journalist and an incessant chatterbox.





Biology, nature, reality

Writing and rewriting

Correct spelling

Turns of phrase

My friends

Being organized


Passionate Geeks

Good food (esp proscuitto)

Working hard

Playing hard


Being alive




Broken cameras

Losing stuff

Forgetting things



Excessive use of synthetic chemicals

Bad food

Quiet and meek girls

Cold weather (except for skiing)

Fascist hippies






My ambition in life is to become a walking thesaurus.

I admit it: I’m a bit of a hippy, and a hopeless romantic. My feelings about plants and animals are borderline religious. I find the intricate structure of life inspiring beyond words. The fact that we are alive at all is astoundingly cool. I try to find reason every single day to be grateful.

But I’m also a journalist and a scientist – hence skeptical and sarcastic. I detest bad writing (of which there is a lot) and willfully ignorant people (of which there are a lot).

I don’t get to sleep easily and I don’t wake easily. I am a hardcore caffeine addict.

There’s nothing I hate more than being bored – so I never am.

I love to catalogue and archive information. My flickr site contains almost 10,000 photos, and my professional site holds all my published work. You should see my storage locker back in Toronto.

I’m loud, but I’m not an angry person. I hate rage. It takes a *lot* to make me lose my temper – but if I do it’s pretty explosive.

I’m pretty vain – but I’m not self-absorbed. I’m interested in just about everything anyone has to say to me, even stupid people (they provide fodder for comedy).

I make no apologies for my vanity: there’s no point in trying to be the person you want to be unless you’re proud of it. Self deprecation is for cowards. If you don’t like something about yourself, just fucking change it and stop whinging. It’s *not* that difficult.

Besides: my vanity extends around me. I think I have the most awesome group of friends in the world.

I have strong opinions on everything, but there’s just about only one thing in life of which I am positive: it’s too short.