Get to work.

Burning Man is crawling with “art cars”, or “mutant vehicles” – autos and trucks transformed into fish, robots and pirate ships. Some of them are pretty fucking impressive – giant two-storey crawling Pez dispensers (yes really) would astound the crap out of anyone.

But, after a while, the neon lights and the fairy dust do become a bit much – you get a bit tired of pink fluffy cat-unicorns.

Maybe it’s the heat and the sleep deprivation making you a bit crabby. Maybe it’s the sensory overload, and the desire for something achingly normal.

Whatever it is, there is a hefty dose of sheer genius in Driven By Profit – a mobile boardroom for all your corporate conference needs. A white board, overhead projector, chintzy mugs, official company logo and strict dress code made for an irrefutably brilliant result.

Plus, of course, megaphones.

Make me some coffee.

“Mushrooms are up, dignity is down – buy low sell high.”

“How is the blinky lights versus baby wipes index doing?”

“Hey sugar tits, get me some coffee.”

“Time is money – get a shirt, get a job.”

“Can somebody turn up the air con please.”

Perhaps most sublime was the reactions of the hippies who didn’t get the satire. “Hey man, this isn’t what the Burn is about – go back to babylon.”

A few, I’m told, even picked fights. Genius.

I never wanted to get off.

Working overtime.