If you ran into me at Glastonbury, I may have looked a bit frazzled. Don’t mind me – I was just a bit broken.

The Decontamination Unit inside Shangri La – Glastonbury’s two-storey after-hours pleasure city of sin and sleaze – was by far the most ambitious event my side project Guerilla Science had ever attempted, and definitely the most experimental.

Hundreds of unwitting punters found themselves face-to-face with a zoo of their own bacteria.

Then counseled by a team of bona fide psychiatrists. It was intense.

Read more about the Unit in my post for The Guardian, see more pics on the Guerilla Science flickr site, and get a feel for what it was like in this video by Oscar Sharpe for GS.

I can say without a moment’s hesitation that no group of scientists have ever attempted anything like this before.