Please indulge me for a moment, I must now shamelessly promote my dear friend Joseph Oliver.

Joe has been named by the city of London as one of the London Leaders – 15 people chosen to help the city achieve sustainability by leading by example.


Check out what this BBC news piece had to say about him:

Joseph Oliver, 23, is the founder of BASH Creations, an entertainment company that specialises in organising carbon-neutral events and exhibitions. He has pledged to ‘champion and facilitate a meeting of minds to create a non-impact, carbon-neutral nightclub or entertainment venue.’

“I want to change what is currently standard practice in the entertainment industry,” Joseph tells BBC London. “When people finish an event they throw everything away and they don’t care how their production methods might impact on the environment.”

At one of Joseph’s events, rather than seating on plush sofas, you may find yourself sitting on reclaimed furniture or a thrown away shopping trolley. The drinks from the bar will be organic and locally-sourced. The cups will be made from recycled paper. An energy audit of the venue is conducted to find out exactly how much energy is used during the event, so that it can be offset.

Carbon emissions created by travel to the venue is also offset because, as Joseph says, “When you are throwing an event you are making people create emissions beyond the confines of the event itself.”

“It’s about bringing the best creativity and content, and mixing that with very stringent production values, to address the inherent environmental impacts that these productions bring.”

Joseph Oliver was approached to be a London Leader after he stood up and asked Ken Livingstone some pointed questions while the Mayor was giving a talk on sustainability. As well as seeing it as an honour, he says it is also an opportunity for him to ‘keep on doing what I am already doing.’

For more, check out this piece on the Global Cool website, in which the interviewer gushes that “it soon becomes clear that his precocious talent is as much down to insouciance as it is intellect.”

There really isn’t much I can add to that – especially as Joe is one of my closest friends and my opinion is therefore about as biased as you can get.

But seriously, though. Well done young man. It seems like it was just yesterday we were both mere students, living together with five dirty boys in a big dirty house in Finsbury Park. Now he’s managing a gallery in Tottenham Court Road, being profiled on the BBC news, and showing us all how to party with a green conscience.

No life is worth living without friends – and I am proud to call Joe one of my very best.