For a while, a friend of mine was obsessed with online narcissism: using the internet to broadcast an expression of yourself – often a very intimate one.

That bastion of online photo posting, flickr, is home to a number of gigantic pools of self-portraits, each created for slightly different reasons.

ME ME ME is for general self-portraits.

I don’t care what anyone thinks “is for all your favorite photos that you have taken that you dont think people (on or off flickr) have appreciated.”

365 days contains one self portrait for every day in a year – from more than 4,000 people (and counting).

If you want something more on the artsy/pretentious side (…with bad grammar), Self ego is about “representing your self thoughts with shots that reflects humanity wit thinking, snaps that describes people pride, joy, passion, identity & culture, [and] work out your subconscious mind.” (… sic)

Boo says he was “obsessed with the obsession, not the actual act – sounds pretentious but true. It’s like being in love with being in love, studying it and becoming the subject of your investigation to further your knowledge and understanding. Even convincing yourself that you are in love, because you’ve jumped overboard – just to know it.”

He says though that in order to see the true face of flickr – what makes the whole site tick – check out Shhexy Corin’s Super Faves.


“If any of those thumbnails are in a stack with 50 others on a groups pool page, these are the ones that are gonna get the clickthroughs. The average flickr punter wants pictures like these, random, with detail, slighty grotesque, obscure, humorous and presented by a witty sexy girl. That’s what makes flickr tick, and she knows it, she’s got it pinned.”

He’s right – she does have it pinned. I’m not quite sure what to think of that.

I do know one thing though. Tiny animals on fingers is better. 108 photos (and counting) of nothing more than tiny animals on fingers.




Come ON. TINY animals. On FINGERS. What more could you ask for? Nothing, I tell you.