It’s been a while since I blogged – I just attended the best festival ever, and then spent some time crawling the streets of Dublin. Good times, good times.

Nice to find out upon my arrival back home that Jack Bauer is going to stop climate change.


Kiefer Sutherland has decreed that 24 is to become the first carbon neutral television programme. The greenhouse gases emitted during the making of the show (speeding car chases, fiery explosions, dangling lightbulbs in dank torture dens) will be offset with carbon-absorbing/minimizing projects, like wind farms and tree-planting schemes.

Carbon offsetting is, quite rightly, criticized by bona fide environmentalists as nothing more than a modern day form of “indulgence.” Instead of paying the church to cleanse you of your sins (thus allowing you to keep sinning over and over), you can pay a company to plant trees, allowing you to continue polluting.

This is in theory a totally valid criticism – but I tend to lean more towards the pragmatic side of things. Basically anything anybody does in a genuine effort to minimize their impact on the environment – and especially things that bring the issue to the public’s attention – get’s a passing grade from me.

Anyways – who’s going to argue with Jack Bauer? Not me.

And FYI, people: the most kick-ass anti-terrorism agent of all time is Canadian. Moreover, Sutherland’s grandfather, Tommy Douglas – a prairie politician who founded our socialized health care system – was voted “The Greatest Canadian” of all time. Boo yah.