Gay Poles are flocking to the UK to escape the government’s “crackdown” on homosexuality, their migration being much easier now that Poland is part of the EU.


I don’t think any discussion is necessary here on why gays and lesbians should be afforded equal rights. I assume – or at least, hope – that that truth is self evident to anyone reading this blog. Forget arguments about how homosexuality occurs in all kinds of animals (which it does – for an excellent summary check out this piece from National Geographic).

That’s beside the point – gays and lesbians deserve respect and equal rights in all matters, including everything from true marriage (none of this “civil partnership” b.s.) to the right to merely exist. This shouldn’t even need to be addressed.

What does need to be pointed out however is the deplorable fact that providing equal rights to gays and lesbians – and all other manner of basic human rights legislation – should be an absolute requirement for entry into the EU. All sorts of economic and democratic criteria have to be met, and yet member countries are not required to give full rights to gays and lesbians, as in Poland, nor to give women reproductive control, as in Portugal and Ireland.

I really can’t think of any other word for this but deplorable.

Although I understand the desire for cultural heterogeneity, and to not dictate a universal set of values for each country, there is no justification for this kind of backwards, medieval prejudice. If Europe truly wants to be the modern, sophisticated, rational counterpart to America, they have to protect the basic human dignity of all Europeans.