No surprise: yet another study has found that keeping your mind active in old age, in basically whatever way floats your boat (chess, museums, books, newspapers, etc) helps to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

I am kind of comforted by the thought that today’s famous, spoiled nobodies, who spend all their time with their noses buried in blow instead of a good book are sowing the seeds of their own dementia.


(This photo really is like crack, isn’t it? Even though she’s out now, I never tire of looking at it. The day it came out, I cut it out of the paper and took it with me everywhere, showing it to everyone I met. “Look!” I’d say. And they’d instantly smile. I felt like a fairy, spreading good cheer everywhere I went.)

But this I was a bit surprised by: there is also a strong link between obesity and dementia. Being overweight at age 60 makes you twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s by age 75. A diet rich in fruit and veg reduces you risk by about 40 per cent. Experts warn that we are facing an “epidemic” of dementia, as today’s under-stimulated, improperly-fed generation of couch potatoes could wind up just like the Gipper.


(Though I didn’t feel bad for him. Like many lefties, I couldn’t help but relish the thought of him languishing in diapers – and not even aware that he had shit himself. It seemed fitting.)