It’s not often that Europe provides us with a neat new large mammal – but an albino ibex has been photographed in the mountains of Italy for the first time.

The … billy? whatever the word is for a young male ibex, was seen about a year ago, but has just been photographed for the first time just now.

For whatever reason – perhaps a lingering bias to consider all things white to be superior? – humans have always been partial to albino/white animals. (The difference being that albinos lack pigment entirely, and have red eyes; white animals that still have some markings, and have blue eyes, are called “leucistic.”)

But yes indeedy, whatever the species, we’re suckers for albinos. Tigers,







and many others. Albinism seems to crop up in just about any species.

This however will always be my favourite albino:

“The Prince and the Count always insist on everyone being healthy – before they’re broken.”