So you heard about the giant hog that was supposedly shot by an 11-year-old boy in Alabama, supposedly weighing more than 1000 pounds and supposedly more than 9 feet long?


Now, I’d be inclined to think it a hoax – but a National Geographic study of the remains of the famed “Hogzilla,” shot in Georgia, USA in 2004, confirmed that that swine weighed more than 800 pounds and was about 8 feet long. Truth, as I like to say, is stranger than fiction.

So it’s entirely possible that the boy did nail a 9-foot hog.

But here’s the f’ed up part: while wild boars rarely exceed 500 pounds, domestic pigs routinely can be grown to over 1000 pounds.

… Christ on a goddamn bike. 1000 pound piggies? The limits of our animal husbandry are just insane.

OK. That’s all I have to say about that. I’d like to have more to say, but I’m still exhausted from hospital visits. So I’m taking a much needed break for the next five days at the Sunrise Celebration, a music festival run almost entirely on renewable energy, complete with 1oo per cent organic food and biodegradable cutlery. Yes, I am a giant hippy at heart.