He disappeared for 18 months, and some thought he was dead – but he’s back: Reggie the alligator has resurfaced in the waters of an LA park.

Reggie became a minor celebrity in August 2005 when he took up residence in Lake Machado, after his owner (a former policeman, no less) released him there, after his pet became too big to handle. He evaded all attempts at capture – even the late Steve Irwin offered to help them wrangle the reptile.

At the time he was at least five feet long, now he’s at least six. According to the local council, “Reggie is older, Reggie is bigger, and he’s probably hungry, so I want to make sure that we keep the public safe. He’s a wild alligator and he’s unpredictable and we’re not really sure what his behavior will be.”

Well, shucks, if you want to know what he’s going to do, all you have to do is check out his blog!


“I’ll be sure to post some more details on what I’ve been doing in the weeks to come. I’d like to thank all of my friends and fans for the support, I was feeling your love the whole time! The people of Harbor City and surrounding areas have been great, thanks for all the delicious food. Whoever dropped off that batch of Carnitas a few weeks ago, please do that again!”

No problem, Reg, nice to see you’re in good spirits.

If any of you feel like, uh, conversing with Reggie, you can email him at savereggie@gmail.com

The logical scientist in me should hope for the gator’s capture, in order to prevent him from hurting any small children or dogs, and so he can be put somewhere “safer,” like a zoo.

But you know what? Screw that. How often do you get to see a 6 foot gator in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities? (Except you know, in the sewers.) It’s nice for us to be terrorized at least once in a while by something bigger than bacteria. We need to be reminded of our place on the evolutionary ladder every now and then.

Go Reggie! Evade the snares of the fat-cat city council fascists! Feral gators of the world, UNITE!