The International Maritime Organization has agreed to move shipping lanes in the westernmost part of the Mediterranean 20 miles south – further away from the foraging grounds of bottlenose dolphins.

This is particularly important because these shipping lanes are among the world’s busiest: 30 per cent of all global marine traffic passes through the Alboran Sea, including many oil tankers. The bottlenose dolphin populations in the Mediterranean are among the most threatened, and an oil spill could cripple their numbers.

According to this piece in The Independent,

Apart from the two professional researchers, more than 500 international Earthwatch volunteers have been involved in the project. Its success has depended largely on the efforts of these volunteers, who set sail on the research vessel Toftevaag, and who in total have spent more than 700 days at sea, surveying 10,000 miles to develop conservation management plans for protected marine areas.

Now that is my kind of animal rights activism. That is humbling – and inspiring. Kudos.