Sloths spend most of their lives asleep (ballpark 15 hours a day), and most of their waking time living appallingly dull lives. One point of interest though – rural legend has it that sloths have been known to strike (and possibly kill) attacking jaguars with their gigantic claws… although I suspect that these reports came from field zoologists hoping to spice up their diaries of sloth behaviour with something more interesting than sleeping, eating, defecating and sleeping some more.

As testament to the power of big brown eyes, enjoy this video of a sleepy baby sloth – which goes to show that even an awkward, boring creature with 5 inch claws can still be cute:

And, if you enjoyed that, you might enjoy one of my favourite guilty pleasures, a delicious blog simply titled Cute Things Falling Asleep. Each video of a baby or animal is rated based on cuteness and sleepiness. Sleeping baby tiger is my favourite.

And, if this post has overloaded your taste buds with sugar, enjoy a good laugh at this pooch’s expense: