Last week saw a couple of unbelievable shark sightings.

In Japan researchers managed to film a frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus). This very ancient fish normally lives up to 1000 metres under the sea – scientists assume it must have come to the surface because it was disoriented and sick (the animal died soon after they discovered it).

The other shark to make headlines was most certainly feeling quite well. In Australia a man was partially swallowed – I kid you not – head first by a great white shark. He managed to fight his way free by punching the shark in the eye, and suffered only a broken nose and bite marks around his chest.

The man was diving for abalone at the time – the leaded vest he was wearing (to give him the extra weight needed to stay down) protected his torso from the shark’s massive jaws.

Nonetheless, this escape is damned impressive. That is f-ing hardcore. Australia may have found someone to fill the gaping void left by Steve Irwin