Remember when we thought the Giant Panda didn’t stand a chance? Remember when Ed Norton’s character in Fight Club memorably declared, “I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species” – and you couldn’t help but nod, because as gosh darn cute as they are, it seemed that their famous lack of libido was going to doom them to extinction.

Well, never underestimate the Chinese for taking on impossible projects. Ten years ago when the world’s best engineers said the Three Gorges Dam could never be built, the Chinese hired different engineers. Now China is home to the world’s largest dam (in your FACE Hoover!).

Now they’ve once again achieved the seemingly impossible. Last week they announced that they managed to produce 30 panda babies in captivity through artificial insemination last year. That’s right, 30, up from 21 the year before. At this rate they’ll… well, they probably won’t be able to repopulate them in the wild, but maybe they’ll be able to breed a sustainable captive population this way. At least it’s something.

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