To discuss the science of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll – all explored in my new book– I will be speaking throughout the UK this autumn and winter…

September 25th – The Bus Driver’s Prayer, Kahaila Café, 135 Brick Lane, London. 7.30pm. Tickets Here

September 28th – Wigtown Book Festival, The Booth, Wigtown, Scotland. 2:30pm Info Here

October 10th – Lichfield Literature Festival, George IV Pub, Lichfield, 7:30pm.Tickets Here

November 19th – Last Tuesday Society, Hackney, London, E8 4RP. 6pm. Tickets Here

November 26th – Salon London, The Proud Archivist, N1 5ET. 7pm.  Tickets Here

November 30th – Sunday Papers Live, Cecil Sharp House, NW1 7AY. 8pm. Tickets Here.

December 3rd – Salon London, Shoreditch House, E1 6AW. 7.15pm Info Here. (open only to members of Soho and Shoreditch House)

February 4th – Dalston Darlings WI, The Duke of Wellington, N1 4BL. Info Here.

Have I mentioned lately that I loathe both Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke with every shred of my being? And how much I adore Marvin Gaye? Everyone remembers his sexy stuff (which, admittedly, was fucking blistering), but few recall his political polemics. The man had more mettle in his little finger than Pharrell has in his entire PR staff combined.

Eight ways till Sunday, Mr Gaye.


As a child, I was the biggest nerd in the universe – Lisa Simpson can’t hold a candle to me – yet for some reason I wrote these two things for my yearbook quotes:

“Don’t limit yourself to the confines of a school. There’s so much more to see and learn elsewhere in the world.”

And, in a similar vein:

“Of all the most important things I have learned over the past five years, virtually none came from here.”

Times change, but the song stays the same eh.

Yearbook Photo

I’ve decided to dive back into writing about musical history and culture, because music is my first love and the one person, country or entity I will undoubtedly love till my dying day. Here’s my first stab, regarding Liam Finn.

Thank you Kier and The-Monitors for giving me the chance to compare a Kiwi folkie to Charles Manson.


Aaaaand, the quote of the day goes to Daniel Farrell: “I am sitting in Pizza Express, reading your book, using a Durex instruction leaflet as a bookmark.”

Durex Bookmark

Dear Scotland,

I love you with every shred of my being. It was with a heavy heart that I left your sparkling shores. It is my singular intent to communicate my deep devotion to your nation with this photograph. 

I believe the expression you are looking for – verbally as well as facially – is “doe eyed”.

From The Bottom Of My Heart

Zoe Cormier


I just spent 20 minutes watching a cow eat grass while listening to a chorus of moos.

Nature has the capacity to rock out.


You can listen to an interview on Scottish radio with me here. I start at 109.00.

The interviewers gasped when I used the f-word at the end, but they said at the start: “Wigtown is a great festival to pop your cherry at.” Ha.

Dear Scotland.

You are simultaneously the most incredible and underrated nation on the face of the earth.

That is all.









Dear Apple

Stop making an entire generation illiterate with your destitute dictionary and the infuriating autocorrect function.

I understand that dumbing down the entire human population is in your economic interest, but it’s really fucking annoying.




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